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Many occupations require certain clothing and precautions to prevent injuries that may occur to workers. Hard hats, gloves, safety shoes and high-visibility vest are things we used to protect from many hazards.


Safety shoes protect you from falling objects, piercing objects, harmful chemicals and injuries that occur due to vehicles. Most general types of protection required to protect your toes for mechanical pressure, electrical conductivity, sole perforation. Safety shoes have reinforced toes to protect the foot and, that made from either steel or alloy or composite material.


Steel Toe Capped Safety Shoes:


Many people consider steel toed safety boot as classic option. Because they are cheaper and have easy accessible option. These boots designed to give optimal protection. If you are working in an environment, where you face significant risk steel toed safety boots is necessary. The steel in the toe cap helps to eliminate the risk of injury from falling objects, materials and heavy machinery. This means that workers in construction, or those with dangerous equipment, are often best suited to these boots. Get best shoes visit


Steel toed safety boots have disadvantage of heavier than other two boots. Workers won’t feel comfortable to wear steel toed safety boots especially when they are in long shifts in hot weather.


Alloy Toe Capped Safety Shoes:


An alternative to steel is alloy. They're made from lightweight materials like aluminum and titanium, but they are as strong as steel. People will opt for alloy because, steel toes are heavier than alloy toes. But the prize will be higher than steel toed safety shoes. This alloy material works the same as steel, by providing protection over the toe areas of foot. But alloy got different properties. It is usually between 30-50% lighter than steel and is also thinner. Workers can feel the free area around toes of shoe as it is thinner. Though it is light-weight and thinner, they tend to be strong as steel and suitable in same work environment.


The disadvantage of alloy toed safety shoes is that they are somewhat costlier than steel toed shoes but, they are worth it for the comfort and safety level.


Composite Toe Capped Safety Shoes:


Composites are great if you need a moderate level of protection. They made from non-metal materials like kevlar, carbon fiber, plastic, or fiberglass. They are good for high or low temperatures as they won’t like metal with temperature. They are 30% lighter than steel toes.


The disadvantage of composite toed safety shoes is that they can’t withstand heavy objects falling on them, as they can crack or shatter.